Meeting customer expectations
At Verdure we pride ourselves on the first class service we offer to our customers each day. 
Ensuring you have the best possible experience is a number one priority for us; this is why we take any mishaps or complaints, however small, as seriously as possible. We always strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and while we always try to get it right the first time, please remember - we are only human! 
As a result, on the rare occasions where an order may go astray, or arrive damaged, we act immediately and do our absolute best to rectify the problem as quickly as humanly possible. 

...and exceeding them
If your experience hasn't been completely satisfactory, simply send us an email or speak to us via our live chat function and we'll work out any issues online. Full contact details, including our postal address and fax number can be found over here
Whatever the issue, if we've been in any way at fault, we will offer a full refund, or send an immediate replacement to avoid further delays.


We value feedback as highly as we value anything else at Verdure. We like to know that our customers are completely satisfied, and take any less than glowing feedback really seriously. In line with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we like to make sure that everyone is happy with their shopping experience. If there's something you'd like to tell us, whether or good or bad please contact us.

The small print
Our 100% satisfaction guarantee only applies to the products services that we have direct control over. Issues that are completely out of our control such as failed delivery attempts due to incorrect addresses given or refused delivery are not covered. If your flower or gift delivery is delayed, we will refund the delivery charge, and or offer a voucher code as compensation.
If it was not possible to fulfil your order we will give a full refund. If you receive an incorrect or damaged product, we will immediately resend a replacement or offer a full refund. We may request that the original delivered item be returned in these circumstances.